Sabby G.

Once there was this little boy and he was really perverted. He liked to look up little girl's skirts. One day he had a sucker with him and he told this little girl that he would give her the sucker if she would climb to the top of the monkey bars (Unbeknownst to her, he was gonna look up her skirt). So the little girl glimbed to the top and the little boy gave her the sucker. The little girl walked home that day and her mother immediately noticed the sucker hanging out of her mouth. Her mother asked her where she got the sucker and the little girl told her the story of the little boy and the monkeybars. Her mother was appalled and she scolded her little girl for falling for the trick. She said "Don't you know that little boy was just trying to see you panties?" The little girl went to school the next day and the little boy offered her another sucker in exchange for her climbing to the top of the monkey bars. She said, "My Mommie told me that all you wanted to do was look at my panties-and I'm not going to let you!" Now the little boy was determined so he offered her a whole bag of suckers and she accepted. She went home and her mother scolded her again! She went to school the next day datermined that the little boy was not going to see her panties. But, he offered her 2 bags of suckers and she gave in. That afternoon she went home and her mother proceded to scold her again. "But mommy," she said, "I tricked him, I wasn't wearing any panties today!"

funniness: 7.62

rating: PG-13