Zach M.

10. "The alien is speaking, Agent Mulder....I think it wants to phone home." 9. "Sure we could have these people killed to protect what they know, but wouldnt that be a little harsh?" 8. "Ive seen this one before, Scully. His name is Casper and he's what you call a 'friendly' ghost." 7. "Look under the mask, this is no swamp monster, it's Mr. Handy, the owner of the old country store!" 6. "My Lord! This conspiracy involves all 3 of the Babor sisters!" 5. "Well, Agent Mulder, you've caught us. We'll cooperate fully, of course." 4. "You'll be happy to hear, Assistant Director Skinner, that I've switched over to the nicotine patch." 3. "The president wants to see you two immediatly. His cheeseburger's possesed." 2. "And it would have worked, too, if it hadn't been for you meddlin' FBI agents!" 1. "Gosh, I guess we were wrong....the government did have our best intrests at heart, after all!"

funniness: 5.61

rating: G