Judy T.

Joe dies and goes to heaven, where upon entering the pearly gates, he sees his neighbor and friend Kent. "Hey Joe!" exclaims Kent. "I'm surprised to see you here!" "Yeah, me too!" replies Joe. "So I guess we're both dead, huh! Say Kent, how did you die?" Kent replies, "I died of hypothermia. How about you?" "Well," starts Joe, "I was sure that my wife was cheating on me, so I rushed home from work, barged in the door and while yelling at her, I tore the house up searching for a lover. After I failed to find anyone there, I was so ashamed and heartbroken to have put my wife through my rantings, that I had a heart attack and died." "That's too bad," says Kent. "If you had looked in the deep freeze, then maybe we'd both still be alive."

funniness: 7.50

rating: R