Judy T.

A young doctor decides to open a new practice in a small midwestern town. After settling in, he decides he needs to hang a sign outside to attract customers, but hesitates because of his area of specialty. After giving it some thought, he ignores his instinct and promptly hangs a sign that says "Homosexuals and Hemmoroids." Upon seeing the new sign hanging outside the doctor's office, two of the town's elders gasp in shock. "We simply can't have THIS!" They exclaim. So they promptly inform the doctor that his sign is inappropriate for their small town, even if it is his "area" of specialty. The doctor, who so wanted to fit into the new community, changes his sign to read "Queers and Rears." But once again, the town elders find this offensive and make a second request for a change in wording. So the doctor spends many days and nights pondering this situation and decides to try yet another new sign. The next day the town elders walk past the building and find the new sign that reads..."Odds and Ends!"

funniness: 5.57

rating: R