One Dumb Criminal

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Three not-so-bright men were caught and charged with armed-robbery in a small Mexican pueblo. They went to trial before the local judge, who was a very hard man, and he sentenced all three men to death. The day arrived quickly and the executioner(who was also the judge) ordered all three to the execution chamber. "The guard will bring you in one at a time to meet your fate. But to show you that I am not a cruel man, I will give each one of you the choice to die by the electric chair, or to die in the gas chamber." The guard escorts the first man into the chamber. "Which will it be", demands the executioner, "the chair or the chamber?" The first man thinks a second then decides the chair would be a quicker death. He's strapped in, and the switch is thrown. Nothing. The executioner flips the switch several times more, cleans the contacts, and tries again. Still nothing. "Today is your lucky day. Fate wants you spared, so you are spared. But you will have to watch your compadres die." The guard brings in the second man, and he also chooses the electric chair. They strap him in, and again nothing happens. They spend the next hour checking everything, and still nothing. "Today is your lucky day. Fate wants you spared, but you will have to watch you compadre die." The final man is brought into the chamber, and his compadres whisper loudly to him, "The chair is broken! The chair is broken!" "Shush!", yells the executioner, and he demands, "Do you want to die by the electric chair, or the in gas chamber?!"

The prisoner thinks a second then replies, "Well, since the electric chair is broken, I guess I'll have to go with the gas chamber!"


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