Swearing Lessons

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An obviously upset woman visits her pastor. She pleads, "Father, Father, my children just will not stop cursing. I've done everything I know to stop them. You're my last hope, what can I do?"

The Father said "Well, have you considered smacking the boys?"

The mother, wide-eyed, replied, "Oh no Father, I thought the Church would frown upon that!"

The Father responded, "In severe cases, we do allow it. The next time your sons curse, why don't you try it?"

The mother said "O.K. Father, If the Lord permits it."

The next morning little Johnny and little Jimmy come down to breakfast and the mother asks, "Little Johnny, what would you like for breakfast this morning?"

Little Johnny says, "I don't know. Give me some fucking waffles." Well with that, the mother smacked little Johnny across the face and he slid down the wall to the floor. Little Jimmy, the younger of the boys, watched in horror.

The mother turned and asked ,"Little Jimmy, what would you like for breakfast this morning?"

Little Jimmy looks at his brother on the floor, looks back at his mother, and replies, "I don't know but you can bet your sweet ass I don't want no fucking waffles."


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