Genie and 3 Guys

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Three guys are walking down a beach. One of them trips on a bottle. They pick it up and a genie pops out. "I'm a powerful genie, I'll grant each one of you a wish!"

The guys think for a while, and the first one goes: "I want to be two times as smart as I am right now!" Genie says "okay" and the guy's smarter.

The second guy goes: "I want to be 3 times as smart as I am right now!" Genie agrees and the guy becomes smarter.

The third guy thinks for a while, then he says: "I don't care about 2 or 3, I want to be FIVE times as smart as I am right now!" Genie looks at him, frowns a bit, and says: "Are you sure about this?" The guy goes, "Yeah, that's my wish"

Genie: "Are you really sure that's what you want?" Guy: "Yeah, yeah, cut the talk, just grant the wish." Genie: "Okay."

And the guy became a woman.


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CP2P_Genie and 3 Guys

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