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Take me to your leader

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One day a little alien and his alien friend came to earth in their little spaceship. They landed their little spaceship out in a field. One of the alien's said to the other alien " I am going to the leader of this world, you stay here and guard the ship."

So the little alien set of to find the "leader" of the earth. He came upon a tall relatively normal gentleman and said:

"Take me to your leader!!"-(Alien talk)

Man: What?

Alien: "Take me to your leader!!"

Man: What?

Alien: Hey man, if we don't tell me where your leader is I am going to blow your fucking head off with my laser gun!!

Man: What?

Then the alien blew the man to bits.

The alien continued to walk along and came upon a gas pump. Now being an alien, he did not know the difference between a human and a gas pump, so he approached it.

The alien said to the gas pump take me to your leader.

Gas Pump: the gas pump said nothing

Alien: take me to your leader

Gas Pump: the gas pump said nothing

Alien: If you don't take me to your leader I am going to blast you to bits just like I did to the other guy.

Gas Pump: the gas pump said nothing

The alien shot the gas pump and was blown many feet from the gas station.

The alien then gathered himself and returned to his spaceship. When he returned to the ship he was covered in ashes and dirt. The other alien said:

"What the hell happen to you!"

First alien: "Man, you don't fuck with these guys; especially the ones that take their dick, throw it over their shoulder and stick it in their ear!!!"


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