Yo mama...

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so fat that every time she turns around it's here birthday.

so fat that she wears a microwave as a beeper.

so ugly when she was an infant the doctor stuck the themometer in her mouth.

so fat that when she plays hopscotch she goes, New York, Virgina, Florida, etc.

so dirty she leaves a streak in a mud slide.

so stupid when told her to make up her mind, she put make-up around her head.

so stupid, if gasoline was brains she couldn't drive around in a cheerio.

so stupid, when she went to buy a new car they told her how the maxium was, she asked for the minium.

house is so small the welcome just say well.

so fat she was the last eclispe.

so baldhead I can see what she's thinking.

so fat that when got on a scale it said to be continued.

so fat that when somebody to her to pull herself together, she had to FEDEX herself from around the world.

so fat that when she got on a scale it said truck stop 2 miles down the road on the left.


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