Just Another Blonde Joke

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It's stupid, I know.

A blonde is walking down a street, thinking furiously about how people always think blondes are so dumb. While walking, she trips on a crack in the sidewalk and sees a magic lamp on the ground. Smiling, shes picks it up and starts rubbing it. After a few seconds of constant polishing, a genie finally pops out. The genies says, "I shall grant you one wish, but only one." The blonde replies, "I wish to be the smartest person in the world." "I''m sorry, I grant only wishes, not miracles," the genie says.


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by Erin P. 1+ years ago

HURTFULL! Im a blonde and i get it but its not good.

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by so k. 1+ years ago

lobotomy could give her a chance

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