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Here are some simple one liner jokes i thought i should submit.

1. What do you call a girl with only one leg? -ilene

2.What do you call a man with no legs or arms on your front porch? -Matt

3.What do you call a man with no legs or arms that is in your pool? -Bob

4.why did the fish get kicked out of school? -he was caught with seaweed

5.A man got in fight with his wife when she asked what was on TV and he said dust.

6.Boys are like parking spaces, the good ones are always taken.

7.If a turtle doesn't have a shell is it naked or homeless?

8.Why was the energizer bunny arrested? It was charged with battery

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by Nick S. 1+ years ago

6 is the best

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by anthony s. 1+ years ago

4 and 8 were the best the rest were so so or boring!

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by Bree W. 1+ years ago

i liked # 5

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