The Blonde Cook

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On a cooking show the host walks onto the stage and says,"Lets meet our contenders for todays show!" A blonde and a brunette walk onto the stage. The host says,"Today, these lovely ladies will first be doing a simple recipe, chocolate chip cookies!" He pauses to let the audience cheer. "if you win ladies, you get to go to Hawaii!" he pauses again to let the audience cheer. "You both have thirty minutes, begin!" The two girls rush to the cooking stations to begin when the host says,"Please note, that you will have to double the recipe given to you."

30 minutes later

"Lets see what we've got." The brunette walks to center stage with a plate of cookies. The host takes a bite out of one and says,"Delicous! Lets see what competion you have for that trip to Hawaii!" The blonde walks to center stage with nothing in her hands. The host says,"Uh, where is your dish?" The blonde looks at him and says,"I couldn't double the recipe." The host said,"Why not?" and the blonde says."The oven won't go over 700 degrees."


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