the only reason a woman,s work is never done, they don,t get up early enough.


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by jennifer a. 1+ years ago

I think everyone's getting a little too worked up over this. It's a joke, not an act of war.

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by Rachel K. 1+ years ago

not that funny

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by john h. 1+ years ago


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by Symphony A. 1+ years ago

Sexist Jerk! Alot of women get up WAY earlier than alot of men! Plus, alot of women work harder than alot of men, too! Did you know that when people still used to think that women were only good for cooking, cleaning, and having babies, we still worked harder than men?! Men would be at the office all day, sitting on their lazy butts in front of a computer and come home 'tired', While women would be up running around the house all day, cooking, cleaning, and dealing with the kids, and, ocasionally, the upset husband if dinner wasn't ready the second he walked through the door! And they were wearing heels too! Now how about you go put on a pair of heels and do all that the entire day and see how you feel compared to a normal day!

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by Andre T. 1+ years ago

Oh haha that's so hilarious i'm gonna tell this to all my friends because this is the greatest joke I've ever heard

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by mariam m. 1+ years ago

You sexist jack ass

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by Rene C. 1+ years ago

Your an idiot

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