Hunting Trip

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Three friends go out hunting. One of them is a genius, another a pretty smart guy and the last is a complete idiot.

The genius goes out hunting for a couple of hours and comes back with the HUGE buck. The other 2 friends are standing there, and they say, " wow, how did u catch that!?"

The genius replies, "Well I saw the tracks, I followed the tracks, and I shot it."

Still in awe the average joe goes out and comes back with a decent size buck, nothing crazy, but good sized.

He brings it back, and his 2 friends say, "Wow nice buck!" "How did U catch that"? He replies with, "well I took "the genius' “advice"; I saw the tracks followed then and shot the buck".

So the idiot says, "Well guys I guess it’s my turn, I’ll be back in a while." "Ok" they reply.

So a couple hours later the idiot comes crawling back to the camp moaning in pain with cuts, bruises, and broken bones. His friends ask, "wow what happened!?!?"

The idiot replies, “Well I took "the genius' " advice, "I saw the tracks, followed them, and got hit by a train!"


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by nick c. 1+ years ago

of what?

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by Taxon n. 1+ years ago


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by Emma G. 1+ years ago

haa haa :)

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by Master Melvin M. L. 1+ years ago

he...he...he...very funny! :-)

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by frank c. 1+ years ago

hahaha funny

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