The Toothpick

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A bartender is shutting up for the night when there is a knock at the back door. When he answers, a dirty, scroungy looking homeless guy asks him for a toothpick. The bartender is a little surprised, but none the less he gives him the toothpick and the guy goes off. A few minutes later there is a second knock. When he answers, there is a second homeless guy who also asks for a toothpick. He gets his toothpick and off he goes. There is a third knock at the door, and a third homeless guy is standing there. The bartender says "Don't tell me, let me guess. You want a toothpick too" "Actually no thanks, but can I have a straw please?" The bartender is kind of confused by this, but being a goodhearted man, he gives him a straw. But before the guy takes off, curiosity gets the best of the bartender, so he asks the guy, "Hey your friends wanted toothpicks...and you wanted a straw. What the hell is going on?" "Oh, some drunk girl just threw up outside, but all the good stuff's gone already."


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