A Bird Named Steve

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There once was a man named Paul. He was very quiet and nice and never yelled or sweared.

He had a bird named Steve. Steve was very rude. He was always burping, yelling, or cursing.

One day, Paul just had enough of Steve's nonsense. So he grabbed steve by the neck and threw him in the freezer. Paul could hear the sound of Steve kicking and screaming and cussing through the freezer door. All of a sudden, the noise stopped.

Paul thought that he hurt the bird, so he went over to his fridge and opened up his feezer. Steve hopped out onto Paul's shoulder, and looked him in the eyes.

"I am so very sorry for my terrible behavior. You are very kind to take care of me, and if you could find it in you heart to forgive me, I would appreciate it very much," Steve said.

"It's okay, Steve. I am sorry for doing that to you," said Paul.

"No harm done," Steve said.

Steve looked back at the freezer for a moment. "By the way, what did the Turkey do?"


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by Katie K. 1+ years ago

You guys are stupid. The point of jokes is to share them. One person doesn't have rights to a joke. It's funny as a repeat too.

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by hana v. 1+ years ago


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by Jack R. 1+ years ago

Dude, get your own joke. The last time I read this joke was in 2008...

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by Dashelle S. 1+ years ago


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by Elvia s. 1+ years ago

Ive seen this before like a year ago

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