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The house was on fire. A woman appeared at an upstairs Window. she was clutching a baby and screaming, "my baby! my baby! save my baby!" "throw the baby to me!" shouted a young man. "I'll catch him" "You might drop him."Shouted the woman. "I'm a professional footballer." Shouted the man. "I'm a goalkeeper. I'm very good at catching The baby will be safe with me." The woman threw down the baby to the young man who put all his professional expertise into operation, and he expertly caught the baby. Then, unthinkingly, kicked it over the garden wall.


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by Devyn G. 1+ years ago

I might get a lot of thumbs down for being so serious about this, but I'll post it anyway. I know that if somebody told me they were a professional FOOTBALLER i wouldnt throw my kid down there lol

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by Jacob C. 1+ years ago

not at all funny

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by cathy c. 1+ years ago
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by Abby B. 1+ years ago

Bahahaha wow that made me laugh, which is wierd. This has to be the dumbest one on hear, but so funny...

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by fdg d. 1+ years ago

thats retarded

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by Kristyn C. 1+ years ago


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by Jess S. 1+ years ago

that is funny!!!!

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