I love beer

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by Whitney B. 1+ years ago

I don't get the symbol for what beer+weed equals, what is that little round thing? I feel stupid someone please explain?? :)

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by sydney g. 1+ years ago

i like beer+ angel= happy devil, and beer+cone= cone ontopof head ...<:)..yeah...

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by Matiss B. 1+ years ago

ermmm... yeah you didnt get this yourself so... thumbs down, sorry :( i have an ''I love beer 2'' and i didnt post it cause i didnt have anything to do with it

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by Anna G. 1+ years ago

Enjoy :-)

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by Lily L. 1+ years ago

All the people that give a thumbs down to this are fat idiots. So, this is the firs comment, and i want to feel good about it, so please, NO THUMBS DPWN PLEASE THANKS

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CM3SS_I love beer

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