Is it a Lamp?

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submitted: 1+ years ago

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categories: illusions men, women, relationships photoshop fun signs, headlines, labels, ads





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by shawn e. 1+ years ago

i always knew it was i thought that ass looked all too fermilliar

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by sydney g. 1+ years ago

freak freak freak!!!!!!!!! MY GRANDMA ASKED ME TO BUY HER THAT LAMP... why would walmart do tha to meee? D':

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by Samanatha F. 1+ years ago

some part of me feels like its not real though...

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by Martin W. 1+ years ago

sow thats why i had a hard on..

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by Tom G. 1+ years ago

DAMN IT You know how long I spent in Ikea looking for that!

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by Brody M. 1+ years ago

I've been wondering about that for the longest time... Well, now to move on to something else!

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by Sir Brannsworth V. 1+ years ago

hah! I f*cking KNEW it

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by Chris G. 1+ years ago

Pure Genious.

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by Mac G. 1+ years ago

oh how beautiful

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CLWQZ_Is it a Lamp?

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