arrowCan't live with them, can't live without them, but they can sure live with each other


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by Lily L. 1+ years ago

This is what didi to my litle bro, I gust ducktaped him to a chair and put him infont of the TV!

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by Andy P. 1+ years ago

parents are dumb, although it looks cute, guess what the kid is gunna do when he is older?

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by Miriam C. 1+ years ago

Hey, duct tape holds this world together. Long Live Duct Tape!

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by KrazyPshyco M. 1+ years ago

damn little kids learn young

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by debasree t. 1+ years ago

naughty child........ Getting frustrated for you don’t know whom to share with your thoughts, ideas, or opinions? Express your viewpoints in

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by Cayce B. 1+ years ago

has eny one on this sight no about fred figglehorn on you tube!!!!,,,,,,he is so cute

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