The Golf Game

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One beautiful Saturday afternoon a priest and a man are golfing.

The priest tees-off first making a beautiful shot on the fairway. Next the man hits and his shot crashes into the water trap. "God-damn it I missed!" the man exclaims in anger.

"Be careful or God will strike you with a lightning bolt," the priest replies.

One the next tee the priest makes a nice shot onto the green while the man's lands in the sand. "God-damn it I missed!"

"Be careful or God will strike you with a lightning bolt," the priest says.

Next hole the priest gets the play within range for an eagle put. The man shots and again it flys into the water. "God-damn it I missed!" as the man said this the sky clouded over. All of a sudden a lightning bolt came down and hit the priest.

The man looked up to hear, "God-damn it I missed!"


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CLFF_The Golf Game

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