Two Little Old Ladies

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categories: accidents, mishaps politics, government, religion signs, headlines, labels, ads





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by Anna C. 1+ years ago

chillax. let the man say whatever he wants to. hes not hurting anyone and no ones listening anyways

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by Daniellia e. 1+ years ago

eric p. TAKE...Your...Prozac

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by Tom G. 1+ years ago

The logo doesn't even ruin the picture, it's kind of obvious it sais times!

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by brenden t. 1+ years ago

look E.P moe is the king of, so dont make him come find you........

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by Jeff Z. 1+ years ago

well it's nice of you to help but all ur doing is pissing the rest of us off so please try not to "help" anymore

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by M R. 1+ years ago

Take a chill EP! We don't want to upset the Moe MAN!

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by Eric P. 1+ years ago

Yet another funny picture messed up by a logo obstructing the text. In this instance, I was able to decipher that the obstructed word was "times". Still, I don't want to do deciphering on this site. When you post images with words on the bottom, please add about 24 pixels of white space underneath so the text won't be blocked. Moelicious, are you reading this????

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CKQCE_Two Little Old Ladies

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