City Bus

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A guy was riding the city bus, and all of a sudden, he really had to fart. So deciding that the music was loud enough, he could relieve himself with the beat of the songs. So after a couple of songs he was completely fine, nothing left.

When his stop came, he got up and everybody on his way out were just staring at him.

Then he realized that he had his iPod on.


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by shannon c. 1+ years ago

ugh bad joke !!!!!!!!!

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by Jack R. 1+ years ago

LOL! I Can't Believe Everybody Was Just Staring At Him! Imagine That You Farted Like "Fart Fart Fart *Pause* Fart Fart Fart! *Pause" Faaaart!"

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by LAStLyN h. 1+ years ago

UGh.SUCkS tO bE hiM!

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by Reg L. 1+ years ago

Good Joke. Liked it better when I read it here last month by Moelicious! Why don't people use the abort submission button?

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by j d. 1+ years ago

Farting is a natural process ... if you hold it in "the gas travels to your head and that's where shitty ideas come from" Oh and it's only acceptable to fart in public when it's you and only you.

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by Jeff Z. 1+ years ago

poor guy! sucks for him

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by Brittany C. 1+ years ago

that's pretty good, one of my friends have done that before. It's so disgusting but it's really funny!

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