Gotcha Kid

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submitted: 1+ years ago

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categories: kids, family photoshop fun





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by kent t. 1+ years ago

it looks like hes trying not to lol

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by Romina Q. 1+ years ago

Funny that she doesn't have any boobs... so what is he looking at?

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by Jinny A. 1+ years ago

o_o the girl looks exactly like my friend!

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+6 thumb down thumb up
by KrazyPshyco M. 1+ years ago

Heyyy he isnt looking at the camera...Lol

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by King Funny 1+ years ago

lol... I know what the kid is thinking!!!!!!! GOT MILK!? lol

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+7 thumb down thumb up
by emmanuel e. 1+ years ago

At that age the kid is already eying the forbiden. Its so funny.

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+4 thumb down thumb up
by Jessica W. 1+ years ago

smart kid u got there!

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CKNFE_Gotcha Kid

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