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by Stephen D. 1+ years ago

Penguins rule! Ultimate Summary Cartoons - Penguins

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by Andy P. 1+ years ago

YEA! FUCK ostriches

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by KrazyPshyco M. 1+ years ago

Flightless birds are awsome except ostriches.... FUCK ostriches...

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by Nicolas Y. 1+ years ago

Thats why penguins are awsome!

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by j d. 1+ years ago

Try and NOT think about PENGUINS. (for the rest of your life you will have the satisfaction of thinking about penguins, and remembering that a$$hle for making u "not" think about them and never finding out who he was ..... Have a good life :) )

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by Max the Great A. 1+ years ago

I like penguins!

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by E H. 1+ years ago

Wouldn't the logical conclusion be that some old TV shows are penguins?

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