she like 'em

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by kane s. 1+ years ago

shes not sayin it, the wall is saying it! if she were saying it, there would be a speech bubble!

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by jess f. 1+ years ago

I have no idea what makes me laugh whenever I see this, but I just can't stop laughing.

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by Jade R. 1+ years ago

LOL! This is so hilarious, Lindsay S. your comment reminds me of the time my dad made some corny joke and my brother spewed milk all over the pizza! I can't Stop laughing =*) +10

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by sierra h. 1+ years ago


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by Larisa S. 1+ years ago

I like pancakes too!!!

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by RJ M. 1+ years ago

lol I showed my friend this and he pissed him self lol.

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by Lindsay S. 1+ years ago

i totally made this face at the lunch table once in high school and said "i like pancakes!" it was the most amazing thing ever. the kid across from me totally shot his milk out his nose! XD

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by Julie J. 1+ years ago

I don't know why this is funny, but it is!

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