Brass cat :P

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Brass cat

A man goes into an antique shop and has a browse. He eyes a nice-looking brass cat and takes his choice to the checkout. The guy at the till says: That'll be ten pounds for the cat and 5 pounds for the story if you want it.

the man decides to leave the story and starts to walk home, brass cat in hand...but then a cat starts to follow him...

He thinks nothing of it at first, but when more and more cats start to follow him he starts to get suspicious, and when he his about 200 cats following him he deides to cut his losses and throws the brass cat in a nearby lake.

The cats all jump in after it and drown in the process. The man runs back to the shop excitedly, and goes to the man behind the counter who says: come for the story?

the man says: no mate, have you got any brass muslims?!!!!


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by Amy M. 1+ years ago

I know this is a joke, but isn't it a bit racist?

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CKHXQ_Brass cat :P

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