Air Plane Conversation

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A man gets on a plane and sits down. After being on the plane for a while, he says to the man next to him, "If you have a conversation on a plane the time usually goes faster."

The man looks at him and then says, "Ok, Well then let me ask you a few questions?" the man says. He agrees and the man continues... "So why is it that when a a rabbit goes to the Bathroom, why does he poop out little pellets?" "I dont know" he says. "Then why when a horse does it poops out apple size looking things?" "I am not sure" he replied. "Then why is in when a cow poops a big "pie" looking thing comes out?" the man says. "I have no idea" he says.

Then the man looks at him and says "Well how am I suppose to have a conversation with you, if you DONT KNOW SHIT!"


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CKE6F_Air Plane Conversation

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