Mountain Climbing

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Mountain Climbing

Four blondes and a brunette went mountain climbing one day. They were all friends, but the four blondes were closer to each other then they were to the brunette. They started climbing up the mountain by pulling themselves up with a rope. Halfway up, they noticed that the rope was slipping.

"There's too much weight for the rope to support all of us." the brunette said. "One of us is gonna half to jump."

All the blondes were screaming and crying because they didn't want to risk loosing each other.

"I'm very moved by your friendship." the brunette said to the blondes. "Because of that, I'll jump."

The blondes were so touched by her courage , that they all started clapping.


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by KAVEH Z. 1+ years ago

thanks for clarification Alvin P. you are agenius.

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by elly j. 1+ years ago

wasnt that joke originally that there was a brunette, a blonde and a ranga??

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by Alvin P. 1+ years ago

When they all clapped they fell

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