4 ways to annoy people at the movies

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1.}CIA: Get 3 black buisness suits and a ear pice...anything really like a music headphone, but only wear one and make it go into your shirt. You and 2 of you friends dress up in these suits

walk in together in a line and start walking around. put your finger on your earpice and say randome phrases like "section b is clear" or " no evidence is being found"

then exclaim to the people "please remain seated untill authoried personel comes"

try not to get kicked out

2.) get some Gorilla suits and barge in and go crazy...anything you can think of. take popcorn, throw it in the air, take people drinks and throw them at other people. it works better if you have some friends with you to cause more mayhem. when someone comes and trys to get you to leave, sit down and say "oh my, have i commited a felony of any kind my good man?" or anything fancy

3.) come in dressed as darth vader, with a litesaber and the mask and get another friend to dress up like Luke Skywalker or any other good Jedi, then have a battle. when someone tryes to kick you out, try to use the force to get them away

4.) dress up like a redneck and walk in to a movie with a boombox, and play "Cotton Eyed Joe" as loud as you can wile dancing to it


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CKDWL_4 ways to annoy people at the movies

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