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I came up with some funny-ass names for porn movies. Here They go...

Pirates of The Caribbean- Fagots Of the CarriSemen (Jack Sparrow- Jack Swallows)

Resident Evil- Resident Anal

Transformers- Transvestites

The Bank Job- The blow job

Mortal Kombat- Mortal Gangbang

The Sixth Sense- The Six Sacks

Gone In 60 Seconds- Nut in 60 Seconds

Step Brothers- Step Brother Fuckers

I know What You Did last Summer- I know Who You Fucked Last Summer

Scary Movie- Scary Booty

Cheech And Chong- Cheeks and Shlong

Beavis N Butthead- Penis and Nuthead

Curb Your Enthusiasm- Curb Your Ejaculation

Die Hard- Died Hard

The Crow:City Of angels- The HO: City of Anal

Alvin and the chipmunks- Alvin and the dickmunks

Phonebooth- Phonebooty

Wild Hogs- Wild Fags

Mr.woodcock- Mr.Bigcock


Ironman- Iron ass

Role Models- Pole models

Passion of the Christ- Passion of the dykes


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by Mr. Spam .. 1+ years ago


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by Dark Enchantment 1+ years ago

Words escape me... No, no, "horrible", "horrific", "terrible", and "dreadful" come to mind...

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by Jack M. 1+ years ago

that is pretty bad man

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by Matt G. 1+ years ago

this is why ur not in marketing!

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by Rebecca C. 1+ years ago

wow. that sucked

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by DarkFenX 1+ years ago

These titles fail.

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