Magic Mountain <------ funny =-D

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there's a blonde, brunette, and a redhead there hiking up a hill when they get to the top God tells them "this is a magic mountain, fall off it while your doing this say what you wish to fall in and you'll live when you land.

First the redhead falls and says, " i wish to fall in $1million. thats what she falls in and is still alive

Next, the brunette falls and says, "I wish to fall in gold!" so she falls in gold and lives

Lastly, the blonde trips and says, "oh shit!"

So, can you guess what happened next?


How funny is this joke, video, picture?

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by Lee W. 1+ years ago

No, please tell me

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by Jade R. 1+ years ago

Lol,even though the grammar isn't the best, I got it the first time around, its very funny ^-^, i have heard it many other times but it always makes me laugh. I enjoy that you posted this.

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by Abigail S. 1+ years ago

First of all: WTF did you write? And Second of All(After figuring it out)Not funny,because it's not original.

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by E H. 1+ years ago

Why can't anyone write in a way that actually makes sense?

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by S L. 1+ years ago

HMMM same joke that i've heard in a 100 different ways so its not funnii sorrii

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CKCKY_Magic Mountain <------ funny =-D

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