When magic is messed up

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Have you ever thought of a man messing up when showing you a magic trick? well if not then why not listen to some times when a man messed up while showing you a magic trick!

*Now pick a card any red card since theres only one blue card up in my sle...... Dawn!*

*Look deep in to the sky and count to 5,Tell me what you see,either a red card,blue card or the yellow card with string on the............ Noooooooooooo!*

*Tear up this piece of paper and give it to me,then count to ten and say: "1 to 2 and 2 to 3 for there is another piece of paper up my sleeve! Oh why did I say that?*

*Look at this rubber and think about your life,think of all the embaressong moments for when you find out that this rubber is magic for thal' it will turn red.Now listen to the sound of the red rubber at the back of the normal rubber is noticed! I'm so stupid!*

Guess what guys! this all actually happened before and the first mistake happened to me! hope you liked them.


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CKBCP_When magic is messed up

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