Uncle Frank

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One day at school the teacher was calling on kids and asking them to tell a stroy and to tell the moral of the story.first she called on little susie who said" my family are egg farmers and we had 24 eggs. i named them all but only 12 hatched." the teacher sad aw thats sad whats the moral of the story. little susie said dont name your eggs before they hatch.....then the teacher called on little bobby he said "my family is egg farmers to. one day we went to drop off the eggs and they fell outta the car." the teacher said aw thats sad whats the moral bobby said strap your eggs in before you open the door....then the teacher calls on dirty johnny....dirty johnny says "my uncle frank was in the vietnames war as a piolet.... his plane was shot down and be4 he ejected he grabbed a machine gun and 100 rounds i knive and a bottle of whisky.....on the way down he drank the bottle of whiskey.....then he killed 100 vietnames with the machine gun 100 more with the knive and 50 more with his bare hands" the eacher said well thats nice but whats the moral of the story....and dirty johnny says " you dont FUCK with my uncle frank when hes been drinking"


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by chad b. 1+ years ago

this joke seems very familiar for some reason

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CK9SW_Uncle Frank

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