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The foresome

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A man named Joe walked into a bar and saw a woman sitting on the chair.He asked if ihe could buy her a drink and she said yes . when they were done they went back to her house and made out.sooner or later they were getting undressed. Her parents were upstairs having sex. So she went upstairs unaware of the sex and opened the door. Her mom said (your dad had a boner.) Her dad said join the sex and they had a threesome. unfortunately Her dads dick got stuck in her dauters pussy. So since her mom was boered of them two having sex, she went downstairs. Her mom saw Joe undressed and guess what. they started having sex. And they got stuck to. So Joe and the mom walked upstairs and the father had to suck the mothers tits to get her off of Joe. And Joe had to suck the girls tits to get them off. They got so boerd that they made a foresome.


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submitted: 1+ years ago

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categories: sex, sexuality





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by gary b. 1+ years ago

Can someone tell me how to delete this joke.

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by Mishel N. 1+ years ago

What has happened to this website?

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CK6AB_The foresome

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