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"i was driving my daughter who was dressed as a witch to a friend's fancy dress party."mummy, " she asked,"what do witches say when they are making a spell ?" i told her they might say "hubble , bubble, toil and trouble!" she seemed satisfied with the answer and went off to the party. when i picked her up later, however, she was very subdued. i asked her if anything was the matter. she said everyone at the party kept laughing at her. i asked her what did she do and she said she didn"t know. i asked her what she said. she replied " just what you told me to . double , bubble, toilet trouble ."

"browsing in a junk shop, i overheard a woman shout out, "what part of my body do i massage this with?" the woman behind the counter lokked up and said "that's an abacus."

"i once told my daughter jacqueline , that we should nip problems in the bud before they get out of hand. on e day , her teacher called to complain that jacqueline had pinched one of the boys in her class on the butt."

" sign post in a manila church: please do not leave your belongings unattended. someone might think it's the answer to their prayers."


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