Movies Are Educational

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Here are some things that I have learned from movies and shows that I've watched:

If you want to get somewhere quickly, just start singing and walking in one direction. The scene will suddenly change.

If you fall through a trap door, chances are, it leads to a swamp 10 miles away.

If you are ever in a cage being lowered into a pot of hot lava, don't worry. Once the enemy leaves, you can always get out.

No matter how close the world is to ending, there is always enough time to talk to your lover.

While driving, you can always look to the passenger's seat or the back seat and talk to someone for a long amount of time without crashing.

When a friend tells you that your lover was working for your enemy, chances are, that they only listened to part of the conversation, and as soon as you break up with your lover, they decided to join your side.

Unemployed people almost always live in apartments.

Even if your enemy has the upper hand and has 50 advantages, you will always win and most likely live.

When dancing on the street and walking past people, they will either know all the steps and dance along, or not notice you at all.


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