The three Paddys!!

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Paddy English man, Paddy Irish Man and Paddy Scotsman were trying to become lumberjacks. Paddy English Man cut down 10 trees. Paddy scotsman csut down 20 trees, and Paddy Irish man cut down 400 trees. "How did you do that?" asked a very experienced lumberjack. "I practised." replied Paddy Irish man. "Where?" asked the lumberjack. "In the Sahara Desert." replied Paddy Irish man. "But there are no trees in the Sahara Desert." said the Lumberjack. "Not any more!!"replied Paddy Irish man


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by Jade R. 1+ years ago

Yes, but bein a corn ball is so damn fun ^-^

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by Emma G. 1+ years ago

this was my first submission please comment thanks

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by quanisha b. 1+ years ago

who ever wrote this is a huge corn ball!!!!

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CK2TQ_The three Paddys!!

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