Black clouds

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This joke can be used by using yourself and two other friends when telling the joke by filling in the friend number slots.

One day a group of friends all die in a car accident. They go to heaven and god tells them they are allowed to do what ever they want just dont step on black clouds.

So friend 1 and friend 2 are walking around heaven when they see friend 3 with THE ugliest girl ever on a date. They walk over and say to friend 3, "uh, hey, uh, what goin' on here?" Friend 3 replies, "oh i stepped on a black cloud."

So a week later friend 2 and 3 are walking around when they see friend 1 having sex with the ugliest and fattest girl in heaven. They walk over and ask, "so whats goin on here?" Friend 1 replies, "yea i kinda stepped on a black cloud."

So the next day friend 1 and 3 are walking around when they see friend two having sex with THE hottest girl inside heavens doors. So they walk over and ask, "hey friend 3 howd you get this girl?" and the girl replies, "I stepped on a black cloud."


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