The King's Macaroni

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There are three men walking in a foreign country. One is an African man. One is a Chinese man, and the last one is an English man. They are looking for a place to stay. As they are walking, they see a man who tripped and fell and they all rush over to help him up. When the man is up and standing, he says, "Thank you for helping me. I am the king's servant, and as a reward, I will let you stay at the castle for a week." The three men follow the king's servant back to the castle and the three of them have a huge meal together. When their plates were empty, the king said to the three men, "Let's have a contest. Since there is not enough macaroni to go around, tomorrow, whoever has the best dream will get the rest of it. The three men go to sleep that night, thinking about the macaroni. When they got up the next morning, the African man said, "I dreamt I had a million dollars!" The Chinese man says, "I dreamt that I had a castle!" The English man says, "I didn't have a dream, but I did make up this song. 'Yankee Doodle came to town, riding on a pony. While you idiots were asleep, I ate all the macaroni."


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