Shooting blanks

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The FBI was looking for a new recruit. They narrowed down the search to three hopeful people. Two men and a woman. They passed all their previous tests and it came down to the last test to decide who would get the job. The last test was the test of following directions. The first up was a man. He was asked to enter the room where his wife awaited. They handed him a gun and told him to kill her. The man entered the room. . . . a few minutes later he came out and said that he couldn't do it. He then left headquarters and went home. Then it was the next guy's turn. He had the same mission of killing his wife. He entered the room... there was some yelling.. . . . . then he came out and said he couldn't do it. He too left and went home. Then last but not least it was the woman's turn. She was told to go into the room with the gun and kill her husband. She entered the room... a few minutes later there were gun shots... then yelling and banging and loud noises... then she walked out and said....... " In case you didn't know the gun was shooting blanks so i had to go over and beat him to death with a chair."


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CJWNU_Shooting blanks

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