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Their was a buisness man that who would go out on buisness trips and knew that his wife was not faithful while he was gone. So he decided to buy her a little adult toy.

Rick (buisness man) arrived at the adult shop and decided to have a look around. He walked around and noticed that their was nothing worth taking so he went up to the cashier and said "hey listen i looked around but everything is the same do you have any thing that would pleasure my wife a little more something more realistic maybe"? The cashier looked at him and replied "I do have something but its not for sale at the time since its so good i don't know how much to sell it for but i'll show you anyhow maybe you can make me an offer"

So the jj the cashier pulls out a box from the bottom of the counter and says "well here it is" the buisness man looks at it and says " well looks the same as every other toy", " yea but have you seen what it does"? replies jj when he comes out demanding "voodoo dick the door" the toy then levatates out the box and starts banging the door, makes a crack on the wall and exites Rick so much he sais "ok enough i don't care the price i'll take it". They settle on a price and the buisness man happily goes home to show his wife. When he gets home and sees his wife he sais "Carol I have a buisness trip to attend so when you feel lonely instead of looking for a man give my present a try all you have to say is "voodo dick my pussy' and you will have a great time without anyone else" So then rick takes off after a few days of lonesome Carol decides to give the toy a try and says the magical words "voodoo dick my pussy" automatically the toy levatates and gives her the pleasure of a lifetime once she was all worn out she tries to tug and pull but the thing just wont come out Rick had forgotten to tell her how to take it out. Embarrased but with no other option she hops in her car and starts making her way to the er but with every push and tug she swerves on the road then she notices a cop pulling her over. She roles down her window and officer milano asks "How many drinks have you had tonight ma'am"? she replies "none officer its just that ... 'oh this is so embarrasing' ... its just that my husband bought me this voodoo dick and i don't know how to shut it down" officer milano laughs and replies "haha yea right 'voodoo dick my ass'....


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