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JOB INTERVIEW 3 Guys all wanted the same job- But only one person could get the job, So the owner told them they would have to Have an interview to see who was right for the Job.

INTERVIEW: Owner: How would you solve a Math problem?

Guy #1: I would get some Paper and do the problem. Guy #2: I am a Smart person, therefore I would use my head. Guy #3: I put my hand in my drawer and PULL OUT A FUCKING CALACULATOR!

Owner: How do you tie your shoes?

Guy #1: I tie my shoes with bunnie ears.

Guy #2: I ask my grandma to tie my shoes for saving time.

Guy #3: I buy sketchers Z strappers so I CAN GET TO FUCKING WORK EARLY!

Owner: LAST QUESTION, What's the fastest thing in the world?

Guy #1: Electricity, Because it can Go to one point to one point in a split second.

Guy #2: Thought, Because you can think Xtremely fast.


Owner: Really? Explain yourself.

Guy #3: Well Before you have time to think, or Turn on your light, YOU TAKE A SHIT IN YOUR PANTS!

Guy #3 Got the job.


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