3 brave passengers

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There was a small plane going across the ocean. About half through the flight, and right above the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the plane starts having trouble flying.

The pilot comes on over the intercom and says, "Folks, we are having some issues. It seems that our plane is too heavy. We need three brave passengers to jump out and save the rest of the people on board."

So an Englishman stands up and says, "Long live the queen!" and he jumps out of the plane.

Then a Frenchman stands up and he says, "Viva la France!" and he jumps out of the plane as well.

Next a big, 300 pound man from Texas who was sitting next to a Mexican stands up and says, "Remember the Alamo!!!" and he throws the Mexican next to him out of the plane.


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by book c. 1+ years ago

i love this joke!!! (of course, i'm from tx)

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by Christian H. 1+ years ago

It's funny yes, but being a bit more subtle in the racism would be better. The joke is almost totally ruined. Three people on planes is just too common. Gets a six for being too predictable.

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CJSVY_3 brave passengers

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