Blowing Bubbles

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There is a bartender, 1 guy in the bathroom and 2 other guys at a bar

the 1st guy goes in the bathroom the bartender hears weird noises when the 1sy guy comes out, the bartnder asks what were you doing in there the guy says blowing bubbles

the second guy goes in the bathroom the bartnder hears weird noises again when the 2nd guy comes out the bartnder asked him what were you doing the guy says blowing bubbles

the guy that was in the bathroom the whole time comes out the bartnder asks whats your name the guy says bubbles


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by Greg S. 1+ years ago

Stupid all around. Learn how to tell jokes.

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by Christian H. 1+ years ago

The version of the joke i heard was. On top of Cherry Hill. On the first day of class a new teacher, who lost her roster, was taking roll of the first grade class as best she could. Then after the first 5 minutes a boy walks in late, and he has on no socks or shoes. Teacher: Your late where were you? Where are your shoes? Boy: I was on top on cherry hill. As if this explains the situation completely, he takes a seat. 10 mins after the first late boy, in walks another, this one missing his shirt. Teacher: Your late where were you? Why arent you wearing a shirt? Boy: I was on top of cherry hill! He too takes his seat withour further explanation. Then, 20 mins later, a third boy shows up, he comes in with no pants on. Teacher: Where are your clothes and why are you late? Boy: I was on top of cherry hill. The teacher just makes him sit down, she is clearly fed up with the whole charade. Durring the last 15 minutes of class, A girl walks in completely naked. Teacher: Where are your clothes, And where were you?... Wait dont tell me... you were on top of cherry hill right???? Girl:No Mrs...Iam the cherry hill.

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CJSHK_Blowing Bubbles

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