Truthful Poets

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What poems would be like if poets told the truth…(Look at the poems, these make too much sense.)

Phenomenal Woman- Maya Angelou Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. It’s simple… I put out.

Where the sidewalk ends - Shel Silverstein There is a place where the sidewalk ends, Its that ratty dirt path off 40th and Lincoln.

If You Forget Me- Pablo Neruda I want to know one thing. Will you put out?

The Road Not Taken- Robert Frost Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, I picked the narrow one because “who likes ‘em fat?”

A Dream Within A Dream- Edgar Allen Poe Take this kiss upon the brow. Please put out now.

There Is Another Sky- Emily Dickenson There is another skyy, It’s a cheap distilled vodka.

Life Is Fine- Langston Hughes I went down to the river, F*ck it, I went fishing.

A Girl- Ezra Pound The tree has entered my hand, Wow, I’m stoned.

To You- Walt Whitman LET us twain walk aside from the rest, Tell me, Are you a virgin?


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