best chuck norris facts #1

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if you have five dollars and chuck norris has five dollars, chuck norris has more money than you.

chuck norris can win a game of connect four in only three moves.

chuck norris invented black. chuck norris invented all the colors, except pink. tom cruise invented pink.

chuck norris's computer has no ctrl key. he's always in control!!!

chuck norris can eat just one lays potato chip.

chuck norris can knock out two stones with one bird.

if you liked this then look for more entries by me coming soon!


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by bob j. 1+ years ago

When Hitler suddenly commited suicide at the end of World War 2, an investigation went underway to discover the reason for his death. They discovered the imprint of a boot on his right temple like he had received a mighty roundhouse kick to the face. The case was immediately closed when Chuck Norris said Hitler kicked himself in the head and died from the trauma.

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by Samanatha F. 1+ years ago

The term "chuck" (to throw) came from Chuck Norris

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by kong z. 1+ years ago

if you dont know who your dad is, its Chuck Norris

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by Cary G. 1+ years ago

First, this is NOT a joke. Secondly, it is very dumb!!!

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by Thokozani N. 1+ years ago

When a woman fall pragnant despite using cantraceptives, then the baby can be named Chuck Norris (boy) or Chick Norris (girl)

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by Christian H. 1+ years ago

Jesus could walk on water, Chuck norris can swim thru land. When Chuck norris jumps in a lake, he doesn't get wet... the water gets 'chucked'.

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CJS4Q_best chuck norris facts #1

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