Speech Problems

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Once there was a woman who had speech problems. Then one day she went to the bakers and said " Can i have a bum please" "a what " the baker replied " a bum" " oh a bun.there you are." So so left for the hardware store and said " Can i have a fuck it please" "a what" the cashier replied "a fuck it" "oh a bucket.there you are. So she left for the watch store and said " can i have a cock please" a what" the cashier replied " a cock" "oh a clock. there you are". So she left for home but on her way someone asked " have you got the time?" she replied " yes, just hold my bum and my fuckit while i get my cock out" Hope you liked it!


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by mikayla j. 1+ years ago

i jst cried!!!!

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CJMZW_Speech Problems

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