The second lot of cheaters nightmares.

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The second lot of cheater's nightmares.

1: Hide your mobile down your shoe. It slides under your foot while you walk into the exam room.

2: Test on periodic table. Peridic table on the wall:) The one girl that couldn't see it revised. We had a room change for the test.

3: Go into the area where the exam is written on the school network. Save it onto a memory card. Put it onto your laptop. Get a virus.

4: Fall off chair towards bofin's desk. I fell of chair. I woke up in A&E.

5: Hide notes in the desk. Enemy finds them and grasses.

6: Wear glasses. On the frames, write notes. I had my form tutor for the exam. He new I didn't wear glasses.

7: Change the label on my water bottle. I might have acidently changed my water bottle because I answered the first questions like this:

1a: Name 5 plays wriiten by Shakespear

Flavoured Water, Ingredients, Water, Flavourings, E113

1b: What was Shakespears full name? ASDA Peach and Apricot Flavored Water

8: For an exam, I had to stand at the front and answer questions verbally for French. I paid someone to sit at the back of the classroom and hold up what I am supposed to say on paper. We fell out the day before and she played a trick on me, making me confess.


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CJLHD_The second lot of cheaters nightmares.

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