The Magician and his parrot...

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A magician has this parrott who likes to give away the secrets to his act. So one day, the magician is doing a show on a cruise ship, and as usual, the parrot is ruining it for the magician "squawk, he put it in his sock, squawk, it's behind his back," So finally, the magician gets fed up, pulls out a shot gun, aims it at the parrot, and shoots. He misses the parrot, hits the propane tank and the ship blows up. The magician and the parrot are the only two survivors, and they are floating on two pieces of wood when the parrot looks at the magician and says:

"OK, I give up, where's the boat?"


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by nick j. 1+ years ago

ron white told this joke in blue collar comedy one for the road

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CJCYL_The Magician and his parrot...

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